Introduction to 1000 Songs Of Zion

Introduction to 1000 Songs Of Zion: Carol Matheson Sevy

Joel Hills Johnson claims to have written over 1000 songs which can be found in Zion's Songster. We cannot locate a Zion's Songster and Joel states that many of the manuscripts were lost.

In his Journal called "A VOICE FROM THE MOUNTAINS" he wrote 736 hymns and poems. A collection called "Hymns Of Praise for the Young" contains another 360 hymns selected from Zion's Songster. This totals 1096 hymns and poems that we do have.

Hymn number one of Hymns of Praise for the Young is the theme and goal of Joel's poetic talent as previously presented.

"O Father give me pow'r to write, When unto thee I look, A thousand songs I would indite, And pen them in a book.

Hymn 4 praises God in his creations of nature and life.

Praise God, all saints that dwell on earth, All men of high or lowly birth,
Praise him, ye beasts and things that creep, And all the fish that swim the deep.
Praise God, thou sun, while on your way, To light the world with glorious day,
Praise him, thou moon, with borrowed light, And all ye glitt'ring stars of night.
Praise God, ye oceans, seas and lakes, Ye tiny pools, that rivers make,
Praise him, ye fields of golden grain, With all the treasures of the plain.
Praise God, ye mountains, capt with snow, And all ye streams that from them flow,
Praise him, all things on earth that can, Vie with the tongue and voice of man.

Hymn 6 praises God where ever we may be in Deseret's peaceful valleys.

1. Praise the King of Zion's land, Praise him in the gathered crowd, Praise him when the crowd you leave, Praise him, morning, noon and eve.
2. Praise him when alone you stay, Praise him when you meet to pray, Praise him for the truth revealed, Praise him when you plow the field.
3. Praise him in the peaceful dance, Praise him for the truth's advance, Praise him for his love and care, Praise him for the peace you share.
4. Praise him daily and rejoice, Praise him for his Prophet's voice, Praise him when you wake at night, Praise him for the Gospel light.
5. Praise him Saints in solemn lays, Praise him throughout all your days, Praise him still when life is o'er, Praise his name forever more.

In Joel's Gathering of Israel hymns, he speaks comfort and hope to the Native American Tribes, including our local Paiute Tribe of Utah whom he loved to serve.

As a tree torn from the fountain In the valley green and fair, Moved and planted on a mountain Without nourishment or care So the red man now is driven From his father's grave and home, While his heart by anguish risen has no hope for days to come.

As the sun at eve descending Brings a shadow o'er the plain, Or as rust and mildew blending Brings a blast upon the grain, So the red man's hope is dying While with grief his heart is tore, And in lamentation crying Red men soon will be no more. Cease oh red man cease your weeping While good news to you I tell, The Great Spirit is not sleeping But knows all your sorrows well, He hath sworn unto you father That in latter days in peace, He his scattered seed would gather To their homes with great increase.

Then rejoice and be preparing For the day of promised rest, When with joy you shall be sharing All your fathers once possessed, Then a pure delightful nation You shall be and owned of God, Clothed with priesthood and salvation Trodding those that on you trod.

These are a few of the 1000 songs of Zion that cover all gospel subjects and which shed light on the culture and history of the pioneer era.